Horse Sanctuary Says ‘Speak Out Against Strangles’

Redwings, the UK’s largest horse sanctuary, is asking horse owners to get clued up on Strangles – the world’s most commonly diagnosed equine infectious disease – with a brand new information pack. 

The Sanctuary’s welfare team regularly receive calls about Strangles outbreaks, and a fifth of new arrivals to the Sanctuary in 2012 tested positive for the disease.

Redwings has now released ‘Strangles: Speak Out!” – a comprehensive information pack and an all-in-one toolkit for horse owners, yard managers and show organisers. Senior Welfare Coordinator for Redwings, Rachel Angell, explains, “This pack contains practical guidance on how you can minimise that risk as much as possible. We want to encourage everyone involved in working with horses to get talking about the disease, set up a simple quarantine process for every new arrival on a yard and be prepared should the worst happen so it is as straightforward and easy to manage as possible.”

To order your free copy, please call the Redwings welfare team on 01508 481008 or email

FEB13 News Strangles cover

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