Show Your Support For London’s Bravest Police Horse

Chiswick, a horse hero who spent 12 years tirelessly protecting the people of London and whose fearlessness and courage earned him a reputation as one of London’s bravest police horses, recently arrived at The Horse Trust, a Buckinghamshire-based charity, where he will enjoy a hard-earned retirement. Although Chiswick’s days of policing riots and football matches are behind him he is now facing his biggest ever challenge after he suffered a potentially life-threatening infection and had to undergo emergency surgery to help save him.

Handsome 17.3hh bay gelding Chiswick is no stranger to the limelight and has acted as mounted escort to the Queens Life Guard, Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace and the Royal Wedding in 2011. Chiswick also held the position of a “Pointer” during State Funerals where he was ridden by the Inspector of the Mounted Branch. He also attended the London 2012 Olympics and even featured in the 2002 Bond film ‘Die Another Day’.

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