Multiple Horse Case Finally Ends in Success for RSPCA

A case in which more than 100 horses were found in dreadful conditions at a family’s property in Buckinghamshire finally ended last week – more than five years after it began.

On Tuesday 12th March the High Court of Justice dismissed five questions asked about points of law by the legal team for James Gray and Julie Gray, finally ending a case which has been drawn out and cost the RSPCA £2.4 million in boarding, veterinary, transport and legal fees*. 

RSPCA deputy chief inspector Kirsty Withnall investigated the original case.  She said:  “We are pleased that this has finally been brought to a conclusion.  As well as more than 100 horses, which were living in terrible conditions, we found another 32 bodies of horses, many of which had been left in pens with the surviving animals.

“The defendants in this case consistently refused to sign over the horses, costing the RSPCA hundreds of thousands of pounds in boarding and veterinary fees as we were unable to rehome them for two and a half years.  This also denied the animals the chance to settle into new homes for the entire duration of the case and appeal.”

*£1.7 million was spent on veterinary, boarding and transportation costs for the horses.  Legal fees accounted for £700,000.