Horses Tied to the Wheels of Cars on Front Drive

World Horse Welfare Field Officer Nick White was recently alerted to two horses being kept in a tiny concrete area.

Little did he know that when he was to arrive in Southall he’d find a 16hh Friesian-type gelding and a 15hh Welsh cob, both tied to the wheel of a car on the front drive of a house, next to a busy main road. Nick says, “The cob was tied with rope to the driver’s side front wheel but the rope was stuck under the engine, coming up under the passenger side wheel arch, meaning he could not raise his head more than a few inches from the ground. The Friesian type was slightly better off and managing to forage from the flower pots. A warning was issued to the owner, stating they must not return the horses to the site.

JUN13 News WHW tethered