Alex Undertakes World’s Longest Horse Race

The first 25 riders have thrown their hats into the long distance equestrian ring and signed up to take on the toughest horse race on the planet – the mighty Mongol Derby, which starts on 4th August.

Amongst them is 39-year-old local rider Alex Embiricos who as an amateur jockey has had over 60 winners. Each rider has to raise a minimum of £1000 for charity, including £500 for the official race charity, Cool Earth. The annual event was launched in 2009 and the riders have raised almost £300,000 to date. Before the race riders have to undergo three days of intensive pre-race training in Mongolia and have to convince the trainers they’re suitable to start and ‘weigh-out’ at 85kg fully dressed. The race typically takes between seven and ten days. The riders travel at least 100km every day while the horses are swapped every 40km at a network of horse-stations (Morin Urtuu in Mongolian). If you’d like to support Alex and her charity visit

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