Essex-Based Laura Renwick Speeds Away with the Spoils

Britain’s number one female rider Laura Renwick raced to victory on 3rd August in the Sky Sports Speed Classic, finishing more than 2sec clear of her nearest rival.

Her mare Beluga swept round Kelvin Bywater’s 1.45m course, and though last-drawn Guy Williams looked to be fast, he wasn’t quick enough and had to settle for second place with Bijou van de Vijfheide. Rather aptly for Ladies’ Day, all of the top four horses in this class were mares.

Laura had been confident of her chances today with Beluga. “She loves the International Arena and she’s won a few times here over the years, plus I thought she should win as she’s an out-and-out speed horse,” she said. “She’s quick through the air and is fast away from a fence, and she can keep up the pace all the way around. She makes my job quite easy.”

Laura Renwick (c) Samantha Lamb

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