BE launch new ‘Go BE’ Pre-Event Training Package

British Eventing has launched a new training and competition package which has been created to help prepare riders for BE80(T) and BE90 level competitions.

The ‘Go BE’ packages, available regionally, are there to help riders train for success across all three phases. Under the expert eye of BE’s Accredited Coaches, budding Eventers will receive support to ensure an enjoyable transition into the sport and their first competition experience.

Each package contains six training sessions covering all three disciplines which will also include practical aspects of Eventing such as: horse fitness, turnout and using studs. The courses will be scheduled in advance of chosen BE fixtures in the area at BE80(T) and/or BE90 level so riders will have the opportunity to pick and choose appropriate courses for their needs.

Once riders have completed all six sessions, they will receive a full completion certificate to acknowledge they are ready to start competing in BE events.

The packages which also include a Training or Day pass for horse and rider to compete for one day are now available to purchase via 

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