Team of 14 Pulled Gelding Free From Silt-Filled Ditch in Norfolk

RSPCA inspectors and firefighters spent two hours  battling to save a horse that was trapped in a three-foot deep muddy ditch in Diss, Norfolk.

The 18-year-old dark bay gelding, Pin Pin, had escaped from his home paddock three miles away and waded into the deep ditch.

With the help of 10 firefighters from Norfolk Fire Service and the horse’s owner, RSPCA inspectors worked for almost two hours to free the horse that was stuck up to his shoulders in freezing water and mud during the incident on 23 April.

After freeing the horse enough for a vet to sedate him the team of helpers then used long straps and manpower to pull him free. RSPCA inspector and flood rescue co-ordinator Jason Finch said: “The horse was extremely cold when we got him out and was hypothermic. We had to wrap him in towels and rub him dry and try to warm him up a bit. We then stayed with the horse and owner until he was well enough to load into a horse box and return him home.

“It was a hard and very cold rescue but it was thanks to the teamwork that we managed to free Pin Pin and get him the veterinary help he needed.”