Hertfordshire’s Young Showjumper Millie Dickinson Wins the July NAF Shining Star Award

The NAF Shining Star for July 2014 has been awarded to young showjumper Millie Dickinson, aged 15 from Harpenden, Hertfordshire. Millie is a dedicated and popular member of the British Showjumping Central Junior Academy and she was put forward for the NAF Shining Star by Lead Coach, Mandy McGlynn.

Mandy had the following to say about her nominee “Millie has been a member of the academy for a number of years now and she is a regular attendee at camps, team competitions and training sessions. This year, Millie has really been concentrating on her showjumping and as a result, has qualified for numerous classes at the upcoming Scope Festival, including the Pony Discovery Championship, Pony Newcomers Masters and the Pony Restricted Rider 1.00m Championship.

“As an academy member, Millie is appreciative of any help and guidance that receives and she is also always willing to help others out too. Her ponies always look happy and are as well presented as she is.”

Millie has been a member of British Showjumping since February 2010 and during that time, she has gained her 1*, 2*, 3* and 4* of the NAF Pony Five Star Performance Awards Programme and she is currently working towards her 5*.

Upon hearing that she had won this NAF Shining Star Award, a delighted Millie said “I am extremely happy and proud to have won this award and I really want to thank Mandy for not only nominating me, but also for helping me during my time in the academy. I joined the academy for the training sessions available and I also wanted to make new friends. I also want to thank Mia Korenika for her useful training sessions.”

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