Sponsorship Opportunity

British Horses Feeds is searching for thirty horse owners to be a part of its ‘Fibre-Beet 30 Team’ for a six month period.

The ‘Fibre-Beet 30 Team’ will take part in a conditioning trial with super fibre conditioning feed, Fibre-Beet, and keep feed diaries documenting their horse or pony’s condition over the winter and in to spring.

In addition to Fibre-Beet, each person will also receive a branded saddle cloth and baseball cap. Anyone wishing to apply to join the ‘Fibre-Beet 30 Team’ must enter online via the British Horse Feeds Facebook page before 30th November 2014.

A Super Fibre conditioning feed, Fibre-Beet is a formulated blend containing all the benefits of the original Speedi-Beet product with added high quality Alfalfa for optimum condition, and to provide quality protein for muscle tone and function.

To read the full terms and conditions please visit the news section on the British Horse Feeds website. To enter, visit www.facebook.com/BritishHorseFeeds


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