Biomechanics Clinic at Pine Lodge School of classical Equitation – Thur Jan 29th

A Rider Biomechanics Clinic will be held on Thursday January 29th at Pine Lodge School of Classical Equitation, Stoke Holy Cross, Norwich. The Clinic will be based on RWYM (Ride With Your Mind) and ‘Centred Riding’ techniques.  The day will start at 10am and will be finished by 2.45pm.

“So come and learn new skills, new insights, new feelings.  Re-educate your mind and body in order to achieve greater balance, harmony and communication with your horse,” said Katherine Walker, Equestrian Performance Coach.

The RWYM method, devised by Internationally renowned biomechanics coach and author Mary Wanless, is a tremendous advance in teaching and learning which helps the rider to organize their mind and body in exactly the same way as so called ‘talented’ riders.  It encourages straight forward, streamlined techniques, increasing the rider’s body awareness and uses images to help one understand both what to do and how to do it.  RWYM coaching is an extremely popular form of tuition in Europe and the USA and is proving to be increasingly in demand in the UK with incredible rider improvements obtained in a very short time, defying traditional expectations.

Lessons will be 45 mins. The cost: £55 on your own horse or £65 on a school horse.  (The horses at Pine Lodge School are mainly Lusitanos.) If you pair up the cost is £35 on own horse and £45 on school horse.

Call Katherine Walker on 01508 521800 or Sue Barber on 07765 000869.

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