Supplements offer!

T.E.N. Supplements has announced an impressive 25% seasonal discount offer on two equine calming supplements: Positive Calm Behaviour and Positive Calm Behaviour Plus between January 12th and 18th 2015. 

At this time of the year, many horse owners struggle to find the time or suitable weather in which to ride. For some horses, high calorie feeds may be required to maintain a healthy body condition score and to provide a balanced diet. Whilst hard feed may help to keep horses in peak health, the additional energy provided can have a dramatic effect on equine behaviour.

Owning an excitable horse can take the fun out of riding, and this situation may call for a calmer of some sort. However, with so much written about the subject, and many myths surrounding the use of calcium and magnesium, owners are under pressure to find a suitable and safe alternative.

Because every horse is an individual, T.E.N. Supplements offers two calmers in its range: Positive Calm Behaviour and Positive Calm Behaviour Plus. Buy either one of these two products between January 12th and January 18th and you can take advantage of the 25% seasonal discount offer.

Take advantage of this offer before it ends by visiting the T.E.N. Supplements website