BRAINTREE, ESSEX: Suspected hit and run incident

The RSPCA is appealing for information after a 3-month-old foal was found with burns to 90 per cent of his face and body, and other injuries thought to have been caused by a hit and run vehicle incident. The national charity is also appealing for information of the whereabouts of the foal’s mother.

The 3-month-old colt now known as Murphy was rescued by the RSPCA after a call from a member of the public reporting an inured foal found ‘staggering in the road’ on Friday 10th July with no mother in sight. The callers confined the foal to a nearby horsebox and kept him safe until RSPCA Inspector Sam Garvey arrived.

Inspector Garvey said: “Poor Murphy was in a sorry state when I arrived to collect him. Not only was he suffering with suspected hit and run injuries, he also had very nasty burns to his face and body. We do not know exactly what caused these burns – but we think it was some external cause.

“So far no owner has come forward and we are urgently seeking information about Murphy’s mum, who is no doubt extremely stressed to be without her foal.”

It is not yet known who owns Murphy, as well as who was driving the vehicle that hit him, and who inflicted the burns.

Anyone with further information about this incident can call the RSPCA inspector appeal line in complete confidence on 0300 123 8018.

Murphy was taken Catley Cross Veterinary Clinic in Halstead, Essex, where he received treatment for his burns and injuries. He will be moved to RSPCA Millbrook, a specialist equine centre next week where he will continue to be cared for.

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