Redwings Horse Sanctuary is providing love and care for an injured foal named Violet

Little cob Violet is just a few months old and was rescued from Tilbury in Essex on Wednesday 27th January by Redwings Horse Sanctuary, together with House and Jackson veterinary centre and the RSPCA.

The weanling was found with her mother and a young sibling, and she was suffering from a nasty, untreated wound on her left hind leg. Redwings’ Senior Field Officer Jo Franklin received a request for help from the attending RSPCA inspector and House and Jackson veterinary surgeon Ana Pereira to round up all three horses as they were suspected of being fly-grazed (grazed on land without the landowner’s permission).

“It was evident that the foal’s injury needed urgent veterinary attention, so ensuring her safety and causing as little distress as possible to all three while they were being rounded up was paramount,” reflected Jo. “Ana managed to catch the mare, and then her foals happily followed into the trailer, ready to be examined”.

An owner was identified for the three horses but agreed to relinquish ownership of Violet as her injury was such that it required ongoing veterinary treatment, which they sadly could not afford to provide. At approximately six months old Violet was old enough to be weaned from her mother, and so was taken to House and Jackson’s equine clinic for immediate veterinary care.

“We’re very pleased that the prognosis for Violet’s recovery is good and we’re hopeful she’ll make a full recovery with no permanent damage caused to her leg,” commented Redwings Chief Executive Lynn Cutress. “Violet has received wonderful care from the team at House and Jackson and we are delighted to have today (Thursday 04 February) welcomed her permanently into the Redwings family at our Ada Cole Visitor Centre near Harlow in Essex”.

Violet’s initial veterinary treatment and rescue has already equated to more than £1,000 – including emergency treatment, X-rays, antibiotics and nursing – and she will continue to receive ongoing care from Redwings’ in-house veterinary team. However, as Lynn explains, “The rescue of this beautiful foal, her recovery and her bright future, reminds us all at Redwings exactly why we exist as a charity. But, of course, we can only exist and be there to help horses in need like Violet thanks to our fantastic supporters.

“We’ve all fallen in love with Violet and we’re looking forward to seeing her enjoy a happy life with fellow youngsters at the Sanctuary – and with the hope she may be able to have a second chance at a happy family home outside Redwings through our rehoming programme”.

If you’ve been struck by Cupid’s arrow and touched by Violet’s story, you can donate towards her ongoing care. Just £6 could fund a vet nurse to change the dressings on her injured leg. Simply text “HORS30 £6” to 70070 or visit Redwings’ website to help Violet today.

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