Midas the miracle horse leading the Parade

For most horse owners, one or two major health issues in their horse would be enough to put an end to any horsey plans and dreams but for one exceptional horse leading the All The Queen’s Horseson the London New Year’s Day Paradeon the January 1st, his story is pretty incredible!

Midas is an 18-year-old 17.1hh Oldenburg gelding, and for his owner Jane Morgan, there have always been three of them in the relationship, Midas, Jane and their vet. Because since the age of 7, alongside your everyday knocks, cuts and bangs, Midas has also managed to tot up a rather long list of injuries and ailments, including life threatening complications too, as this mini health overview shows:

Severe pollen allergy
Broken pedal bone
Cushings Disease
Equine Metabolic Syndrome
Degenerative Joint Disease

Currently, sound, happy and in good health (which his owner Jane says is probably down to her having a bad back and being unable to ride) Midas, is looking forward to being the centre of attention and leading the entire parade along the streets of London.

“He’s stressed me out like no other horse I’ve ever owned but I love him dearly, and I wouldn’t change a day I’ve had with him, and I hope I have many more years with him,”  explains Jane.

You can catch a glimpse of Midas, and the rest of the fabulous All The Queen’s Horses, as they set off on the parade from 1pm onwards.