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Top Rider New Year Resolutions!

Common New Year’s Resolutions usually focus on saving money, getting fitter, indulging in fewer vices… We can certainly all relate to that! Here a number of the UK’s top riders share their personal Resolutions with us…


“To get Fitz round a Grand Prix!” – Ellie Darling, Dressage Rider, Courtesy of Childéric Saddles










“To try and improve my overall fitness levels.” – Victoria Bax, Eventer Courtesy of Golly Galoshes & Aloeride









“I’m terrible with resolutions… but next year is my 30th so I would like to take a few short breaks with Marc my boyfriend!” – Natasha Baker, Paralympic Gold Medallist, Courtesy of Renwick & Sons & Golly Galoshes









“I need to try and be less grumpy in the mornings – pre 9am I am not my best!” – Gemma Tattersall, Olympic Event Rider, Courtesy of Childéric Saddles & Timothy Foxx Clothing










“New Year’s Resolution: to try and have more than 1/2 a day off every other week – which I currently end up spending napping anyway! And do more exciting things!” – Becky Moody, International Dressage Rider, Courtesy of Childéric Saddles









“My New Year’s Resolution is to compete at every opportunity and get back out at advanced level.” – Julie Blanchard, Dressage rider, courtesy of Childéric Saddles







“My New Year Resolution is to save more” – Heloise Wilson-Smith, International Polo Player, courtesy of Sylvia Kerr Jewellery










“Mine is to make decisions ruled by my head and not my heart!” – Jay Hallam International Showjumper, Courtesy of Mark Davies Injured Riders Fund Charity









Photos: Ellie Darling – White Cat Photography; Victoria Bax – Throughbred Sports Photography; Natasha Baker – Renwick & Sons; Gemma Tattersall – Jon Stroud Media; Becky Moody – Kevin Sparrow Photography;

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