TheraPlate UK Liverpool International Horse Show – Daniel Wins Car for a Year!

This year’s TheraPlate UK Liverpool International Horse Show saw two new awards launched at the prestigious event – with lucky groom Daniel Tarpey winning a car for 12 months! The Golden Groom Award and the Peak Performance Award were supported by TheraPlate UK and included the use of a fantastic Toyota Aygo car for the winning groom for a year.

The winning owner, Peter Charles won the use of a TheraPlate for six months.

Said Daniel who grooms for Peter’s son Harry: “It is just fantastic to win a car for a year.

“I am now 28 and have been grooming since I was 16, and this is just a brilliant prize for the industry as a whole.”

Daniel won the award for the care and attention he showed to Harry’s ride, Sieco, a nine-year-old gelding who was judged to be in excellent condition.

As the leading therapeutic performance platform used for equine sports conditioning and injury rehabilitation, TheraPlate UK truly understands how important a groom’s role is in maintaining the equestrian athlete. The Golden Groom Award was presented to the groom of the best turned out and cared for horse which tried the TheraPlate at the Liverpool International Horse Show.

Dominic Fox, owner of TheraPlate UK said: “The Golden Groom Award recognises the groom’s role within the equestrian industry. Equestrian sport regardless of the discipline would not be the same without the endless hours of hard work and dedication from our grooms.

“The Golden Groom Award is a great way for TheraPlate UK to support and reward this commitment and we are delighted for Daniel.”

The Peak Performance Award was presented to the owner of the horse from the Golden Groom Award. This horse was judged on condition and overall wellbeing. For this award, the winner will receive a trophy and the use of a TheraPlate for six months.

Said Show President, Nina Barbour: “We are delighted that Dominic and the team from TheraPlate UK generously supported this prize. The commitment and dedication of the grooms in this industry is second to none, and often gets overlooked.”