New Product Launch: Ultimate in equine movement enhancement technology

Equestrian Direct has today announced the ultimate in equine movement enhancement technology.

The Warwickshire based company’s BounciRide is made from recycled trampolines which were tragically damaged during the recent, and seemingly never-ending, storms Freya, Gareth and Hannah.

BounciRide is an ideal top-up for surfaces which dry out in the warmer months. Dry, deep, dusty surfaces not only increase the risk of injury, as horses struggle to move through the surface rather than on top of it, but can also ride ‘dead’, absorbing the energy from the horse’s stride.

For dressage riders, BounciRide is scientifically proven to improve horses’ natural cadence by over 200 per cent and when used as a show jumping surface, it is guaranteed to turn any pony, horse, donkey or mule, into a Grand Prix Showjumper.

Equestrian Direct Director, Ross Riley, said: “The trials were, umm, interesting. We laid a top-up of BounciRide to the jumping school at our competition yard and had to fit safety nets around the side of the school as the riders were pinging off left, right and centre. The horses loved it though. Once we duct taped the riders to their saddles and invested in some much taller jump wings – even the yard 12.2hh was clearing 1m40 with ease.”

BounciRide is not recommended for indoor schools with a ceiling height of less than 20 meters for obvious reasons.