British Showjumping National Championships: Colchester’s Hollie Gerken steps up to the challenge in exciting jump off

Hollie Gerken left the crowd on the edge of their seats as she raced to the top spot in the Stepping Stones 128cm Championship.

There were 30 clears out of 75 starters in the penultimate class of the day in the JS Teamwork Championship Arena 2 at the British Showjumping National Championships 2019. Riding multiple ponies at this years’ show British Showjumping National Championships, Hollie at just 9-years of age showed expert skill as she breezed through some tight turns and sped her way to a win with her beautiful bay, Dimples Dilema in a jump off of just 35.33s.

No stranger to big wins, this combination qualified for the 128cm Mini Major Olympia and also secured the Pony of the Year Show 11 & Under title earlier this year. When asked about Dimples Dilema, Jade affectionately explained, “If I miss a turn she makes up for how fast she goes in between fences,” and mum, Jade Gerken, remarked, “She’s been an awesome pony!”

Photo: 1st Class Images