Congrats! Competition winners announced!

The lucky winners from our July/August 2022 edition were:

Absorbine: F Webb, Essex; K Flatt, Suffolk; S Newman, Cambs

Aniwell: A Goodwin, Essex; E Harlow, Norfolk; J Craig, Essex; L Adams, Suffolk; S Harplay, Norfolk.
Sprenger: C Eve, Suffolk



The lucky winners from our March/April 2022 edition were:
Robinson Animal Health: Christine Watts, Suffolk; Helen Walker, Norfolk; Linda Nelson, Essex; Michelle Downes, Essex

SpeediBeet: Angie Kowalczyk, Suffolk; Eleanor Laws, Herts; Lesley White, Norfolk; Lucinda May, Essex; Nicola Fay, Essex; Ruth Keen, Norfolk; Sam Bailey, Essex; Sarah Spice, Suffolk.

Tocsen: Annie Francis, Suffolk; Sarah Hamlett, Cambs

TopSpec: Fiona Wallace, Suffolk



The lucky winners from our November/December 2021 edition were:

Annabel Brocks: Vicki Gibley – Cambs.

Hawkins Organic: Robyn Wheeler – Essex.

Aniwell: Cate Last – Suffolk; Debbie Verrill – Suffolk; Lesley Rudd – Norfolk; Lottie Crowne – Essex; Michelle Griffin – Norfolk.

Absorbine: Celia Hasler – Essex; Sarah Canham – Suffolk.

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