Get Gut Health on the Agenda at Your Riding Club in 2020

EquiBiome, a leader in gut health, is on a mission to reach horse owners with information on the advances in equine microbial analysis of the hind gut which is hugely important for the health, wellbeing and performance of any horse, especially those that are regularly competing.  

In 2020, EquiBiome is offering free talks to Riding Clubs in regions throughout the UK, delivered by experts in the field, including microbiologist Carol Hughes.

The talk will cover all aspects of gut health and how owners can use cutting-edge technology to identify imbalances and then take steps to restore health and performance. A closer look at the loss of biodiversity in horses’ grazing and how this has impacted on the competition horse of today will also be investigated.

Said Carol: “The equine intestinal tract houses an incredibly complex and diverse microbial population producing energy for the horse. The microbes directly influence good health and performance, including temperament, energy levels, nutrient availability and vitamin production. Your horse is what he eats and the success of the diet depends first of all on knowing what is going on in the gut.

“EquiBiome started out in the racing industry to improve the performance of Thoroughbreds in training but we are excited to now be able to offer support to horses and ponies in all areas of competition.”

To register your interest in a talk for your Riding Club please contact EquiBiome by emailing One talk will be provided for each region, please contact EquiBiome early to avoid disappointment.