Horse welfare charity’s appeal given boost on national radio by well-known TV gardener

TV gardener Alan Titchmarsh has lent his support – and voice – to World Horse Welfare’s Welfare Line Appeal.

World Horse Welfare is Britain’s largest equine rescue and rehoming charity and Alan has kindly voiced an advert about their latest appeal that will be broadcast over Classic FM for the next month. Known principally as a TV gardener, broadcaster and novelist, Alan’s link with horses is perhaps less well-known and extends far beyond simply using their manure on his flowerbeds!

Alan said, “I vowed to learn to ride before my 40th birthday, and I did! I used to do a bit of jumping in the early days and I was lucky enough to take part in some fantastic events at Windsor and with the King’s Troop, one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done. Nowadays, though, my involvement boils down to occasionally hacking out, looking at other people’s gardens over hedges.”

The advert, being broadcast on Classic FM for four weeks from Wednesday 10th June, is highlighting World Horse Welfare’s Welfare Line Appeal. Each year the welfare line receives 8,000 calls from members of the public, and their concern leads to the charity’s team of 16 highly experienced Field Officers attending around 1,500 potential welfare cases each year. This completely confidential telephone line can help improve the welfare or even save the lives of horses and ponies. Working with the owners to improve conditions or, where necessary, removing the animals to one of the World Horse Welfare’s four Rescue and Rehoming Centres around the UK, horses and ponies are nursed back to health. The aim is for each animal to be rehabilitated and rehomed, giving it the life it deserves and releasing space at the centres for more animals needing help.

The Welfare Line is an essential welfare service, manned by a small, dedicated, highly trained and experienced team and a single call to it has the power to change a neglected animal’s life forever.

Alan said, “Knowing that there is someone you can call if you have concerns that a horse needs help is so important. World Horse Welfare makes a real difference to the lives of these wonderful animals and I am delighted to have been able to add my voice to their appeal, helping to keep that vital welfare line going.”
Photo: World Horse Welfare