Dressage Anywhere Music Festival

Dressage Anywhere, the online dressage competition website, is excited to launch the Dressage Anywhere Music Festival running throughout July.

Although the competition scene is looking a little brighter, many riders are still unable to travel. Dressage Anywhere and a group of enthusiasts are putting on a fun, swinging and all-inclusive competition. All those who would have been enjoying dancing to music at their favourite show can now compete from home by filming a test and entering online. It’s also a great opportunity for those riders who want to try out their music before competing at a live event.

Classes run from Walk and Trot to Advanced Medium and all will be judged by British Dressage qualified music judges. The total prize pot, worth over £1000 includes individually designed competition CDs, sets of educational freestyle to music DVDs, individually designed floor plans and wrist speakers.

Dressage Anywhere’s Ruth Chappell and Nereide Goodman said, “We’re so grateful to our sponsors and are excited for those itching to get dancing. We are still recovering from the success of the Hobby Horse classes we ran during the lockdown and we know some of those riders are looking forward to sitting on four legs rather than on one.”

Over 40 years ago Nereide launched the first national freestyle to music competition under the Wellington Riding banner. As she says, “the quality of music, horses, training and now accessibility has come on some way since then and it still has those elements of fun, innovations and great entertainment”.

Sponsors include: Beat this Dressage to Music, Gaynor Colbourn, Steph Croxford, Equidance, Equivisions and Through the Eye of the Judge.