Fundraising campaign “Ride for Ukraine”, aiming to save 5000 horses, launched in the FEI Dressage European Championships for Juniors & Young Riders at Hartpury

At the FEI Dressage European Championships for Juniors & Young Riders at Hartpury, the Ukrainian Equestrian Federation Charity Foundation (UEF-CF) launched a “Ride for Ukraine” fundraising campaign. This campaign is aimed to unite all equestrian riders, professionals, federations, organizations, goods producers and horse lovers to help feed around 5,000 horses during wintertime in Ukraine. The Ukrainian dressage team members became the first ambassadors of the campaign.  

The goal is simple, but ambitious — to raise about 500,000 euro and feed 5,000 horses during the wintertime, when fresh grass or hay and warm stables will not be that common as in summer.

The idea of the ‘Ride for Ukraine’ campaign is that every show can support the campaign and help Ukrainian horses from simply placing info about the campaign on site or organizing a special class or show dedicated to the campaign. Every rider at this show can donate by participating and every visitor can donate using a QR code or via the website. There are many partnership options for equestrian goods producers, publishers, media, educational and any other kind of organizations and people who love horses and are ready to help. Becoming an ambassador is easy. After donating a particular amount of money you will get a pin, polo, cap and become part of the team that saves Ukrainian horses during the war with Russia.

Inna Logutenkova, 2-time participant of the Olympic Games, 2-time participant of the World Equestrian Games WEG, 3-time participant of the European Championship, Finalist of the World Cup and the Chef d’equipe of the Ukrainian dressage team says: “I’m proud to become one of the first ambassadors of the campaign and help Ukrainian equestrians to save and feed their horses. I believe that after Ukraine wins, the country will recover and show the best result in the sports arena. Our team is defending Ukrainian sports honor while our army defends European freedom from Russian invasion”.

Funds raised through the campaign will be used to maintain health and the welfare of the horses. First of all, this is the provision of feed and hay including coverage of the costs of their transportation to all regions of Ukraine. Also, to support horses in a free evacuation shelter. At the moment, there are 37 horses, but the UEF-CF predicts an increase in the number of horses that temporarily cannot be supported by the owners and who may be in the war zone. These horses will need relocation and keeping, which the foundation also provides. For this, several more shelters are already being prepared in the west of Ukraine. If necessary, 100-120 horses will manage to survive difficult times there.

“Situation on the frontline is very unpredictable and as the biggest foundation that focuses on helping horses and equestrians, we feel responsible for the horses that stay in Ukraine. We know that the biggest problem for Ukrainian horse owners is feeding and caring about their horses because of the lack of money. The economy collapsed; their normal income sources doesn’t exist anymore. And we are keen to help them to save horses while they are recovering and looking for new jobs or rebuilding their businesses.”  — says Mykhaylo Parkhomchuk, founder of the Ukrainian Equestrian Federation Charity Foundation and the Secretary-General of the Ukrainian Equestrian Federation. — “We believe that the equestrian community in the world will not stand aside and will help Ukraine to save their horses’ lives.”

How can you help?

If you are willing to save horses and hold a show or event, please consider joining the ‘Ride for Ukraine’ initiative to fundraise for the charity and if you compete, please look for shows to attend that are supporting the initiative.

There are also lots of other ways horse lovers can get involved, from displaying banners and sharing content on social media, to making donations directly via the website.

To find out more how to become the part of ‘Ride for Ukraine’ please visit:


How is UEF-CF helping horses? 

Since the charity was registered in February of this year, it has moved more than 500 horses to safer zones and helped to feed more than 3,500 equines in need with 1000 tons of humanitarian feed. In June Ukrainian Equestrian Federation Charity Foundation established feed production on the territory of Ukraine to reduce the logistics costs of delivering feed outside of Ukraine. Additionally to feed and relocation, the Foundation has established free shelters and daily monitoring of the situation with stables in all regions across the country. Also organizes research and collaborates with 30 horse veterinarians to provide medical care to horses in need.

To provide care for the thousands of horses in need this winter, UEF-CF has to raise 500,000 euros to pay for feed, hay and bedding. There is also a growing need for portable diagnostic equipment and/or a fully equipped mobile veterinary clinic.

Support of horses is still very much needed and the number receiving help from UEF-CF is set to rise from 3,500 to more than 5,000 as winter approaches. The number of horses in need of help is constantly growing due to the difficult financial situation of the majority of Ukrainians who have lost their jobs and regular sources of income.

You can also find out more about the charity’s work and make a donation here: