The 2022 Equestrian Business Awards

Peewee Saddlery’s Poppy Webber has won 2022 Saddle Fitter of the Year at The Equestrian Business Awards.
Peewee Saddlery is owned by Poppy and is situated in South Lincolnshire with Poppy serving clients in Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk. Poppy has worked for years to build an extensive client base in person, and has also built substantial followings online too. Poppy has a highly engaged Facebook page with over 48k followers on the Peewee Saddlery Page, 44k followers on the Poppy Webber- Qualified Saddle Fitter Page, and also has a growing YouTube channel and Facebook group. All content created is accessible and educational, using Poppy’s knowledge and unique teaching style. Poppy also writes a regular column for the Absolute Horse Magazine.
“It was a great pleasure to award Poppy as Saddle Fitter of the Year 2022,” said The Equestrian Business Awards founder, Katy Wright. “Poppy has thrown her heart and soul into her saddle fitting business and is incredibly enthusiastic about her passion, which is highly infectious! Her reputation in the industry is highly regarded. Furthermore, she is striking the right balance between educating horse owners about saddle fitting while also promoting the importance of using a qualified saddle fitter.”
“Congratulations to Poppy Webber from Peewee Saddlery for taking the much deserved award of Saddle Fitter of the Year at this year’s Equestrian Business Awards,” said Sarah Rymer, one of the judges for the category. “Peewee Saddlery has worked incredibly hard to raise the profile of the saddle fitting industry. She has raised awareness through a series of social media platforms which include Facebook and YouTube. She has produced some fun and informative videos on a variety of subjects from what to expect from your saddle fitting appointment to Friday Night Live, where you get to ask any questions about saddles and saddle fitting. These videos will help horse owners understand the importance of saddle fitting. Congratulations Poppy. You really deserved to take this year’s Saddle Fitter of the year Award -2022.”
“It’s a true honour to have won this award,” said Poppy. “I was really overwhelmed and delighted to have won, it’s a memory that will stay with me for a long time! I love my clients and the work I do. I also really enjoy the social media side of things as it’s helping to educate people, to help them keep their horses more comfortable and know when to utilise the help of qualified saddle fitters too. Thanks so much to Katy and the team at The Equestrian Business Awards- it’s an incredible awards and the awards night was excellent too!”

Redwings Horse Sanctuary has been named Charity of the Year at the Equestrian Business Awards.

The UK’s largest horse charity was nominated by the public then a thorough process including interviews, references and mystery shops was conducted by a team of judges.

Lynn Cutress said: “We are absolutely thrilled to be the first winners of this category, which was introduced to the Equestrian Business Awards this year.

“Thank you so much to those who nominated us, to the organisers and a special mention to the runners-up, Munchkins Miniature Shetland Rescue.

“We’re very grateful to our wonderful staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to care for the horses, ponies, donkeys and mules in our care 365 days a year and this award is dedicated to them.”

The awards had almost 17,000 nominations across 19 categories – which included Event Venue of the Year, Farrier of the Year, Saddle Fitter of the Year and Horse Transporter of the Year.