“Aniwell have been advertising in Absolute Horse magazine since April 2017. We feel very lucky to have discovered Absolute Horse and Features and Advertising Manager, Emma Tilley. “Emma has provided us with an innovative advertising campaign with a great range of opportunities to provide case studies, question and answer forums, editorial information and be involved in competitions. Absolute Horse Magazine is a polished publication we are proud to be involved with. “We hope to be able to continue this partnership for many years to come.”
Samantha Sinclair – CEO/Marketing – RPL Aniwell is a division of RPL

“Westgate Labs has worked with the Absolute Horse Magazine for over 15-years to promote our postal worm count service. In that time we’ve benefited from their great value advertising rates and had the opportunity to contribute to the magazine’s editorial content. This has given us space to fully explain the most up to date veterinary guidelines and latest developments on worming horses and reach our target audience of horse-owners to encourage best practice parasite control.
“It’s a relationship that works really well for both parties and the magazine itself looks very good too; it’s a classy publication with an attractive design layout that helps it to stand out from some equestrian titles.”
Claire Shand – Director, Westgate Labs

“We love Absolute Horse magazine and have enjoyed a brilliant working relationship with Emma for a number of years now. Emma is a true delight to work with; seriously efficient and passionate about the magazine and brands they feature. It is a pleasure to work with this fantastic publication on our clients behalf, who are equally thrilled to feature on its pages.”
Kaylie Bloxham – Director, Bloxham PR

“The team at Absolute Horse are great to work with, are forward thinking, and understand the need to be commercial and results driven from both advertising and editorial.”
Tim Smith – Director, Tim Smith Marketing

“Absolute Horse is a wonderful publication – they’re just a dream to work with. Their features offer something for everyone and Emma always goes above and beyond to help secure coverage for my clients. I always look forward to receiving my magazine each month and I know my clients are always so proud to be featured. Highly recommended magazine from a reader and PR’s point of view.”
Tara Punter – Director, Tara Punter Equestrian & Rural PR

Absolute Horse provides exceptional regional coverage in a magazine that has the print, design and editorial quality of a national. The features are genuinely interesting to read and the product features are presented in a way that appeals to readers as well as companies. In addition, the Absolute Horse team are great to work with and will come up with different packages and opportunities to fit any budget.
Rhea Freeman – Director, Rhea Freeman PR & Marketing

“The Absolute Horse Magazine has featured in the SEIB advertising and marketing campaign for decades and we have always been very happy with the representation of our company within the publication. We are given the opportunity to talk specifically about our various equine policies and competition series through editorials and articles, and our advertisements are always reproduced to a high quality. We have one point of contact at the Absolute Horse, which means that our campaign flows seamlessly with no errors, and our account is handled efficiently from beginning to end. “Absolute Horse gives us the opportunity to reach a targeted and loyal equestrian audience throughout the East of England, and they work hard to ensure that audience is maintained.”
Nicolina Mackenzie – Marketing Director, SEIB

“Working with the team at Absolute Horse is easy, they know what their readers want and find interesting and exciting ways to ensure their articles are up to date and informative, providing excellent coverage across East Anglia.”
Becky Knight – Director, Target Feeds

“When it comes to making advertising budgets go that bit further, the team at Absolute Horse couldn’t be more helpful. With a variety of clients, some of whom have very limited budgets, I like the fact that this has never been an issue with the publication, who treat each brand as very much an equal and individual regardless of spend – making my all clients large and small feel valued.”
Ashley Rossiter – Director, Mirror Me PR

“We have worked with Absolute Horse Magazine for over 25 years. The magazine is of good quality and respected within the industry. They are kind and helpful people. We give them 5 stars.”
Nico Katan – Director, Equitector Riding Boots

“The excellent content and pleasing look and feel of Absolute Horse magazine appeals to our target audience, and that ticks all the boxes when it comes to getting publicity for our clients! The team at Absolute Horse are very professional and easy to work with and our clients are always pleased with the coverage.”
Rachael Holdsworth – Director, Holdsworth PR

“Absolute Horse magazine’s editorial standard is very high, the packages offered to advertisers are well thought-out and very inclusive, and the title itself is very professionally produced; it is most definitely on a par with the national equestrian titles quality-wise, but offers a more cost-effective way to reach a similar audience.”
Kathy Carter – Sirenia Press Solutions

“We have worked with Absolute Horse magazine for many years. I find they are a great company to work with, professional yet personable. They work a great yearly planner for us to work within our budget. These are made up of a mix of seasonal adverts, editorials, articles and competitions. This mix gets a great response from their readers. Emma, Tom and the team are always helpful, pleasant, offer great advice and are a pleasure to work with.”
Jennie Westcott – Animal Health Company

“We have contributed to the VetWatch features since 2009 and have been impressed by the production quality, magazine content and the excellent communication from Publisher Peter and his team.”
Rossdales – Newmarket

“We love the mix of local shows and horsey news; we always look forward to the day our copy arrives at the office!”
Nicola Knight – Head of Communications Redwings